A quiet morning came soon after that, in the same place I was before, and an unfamiliar cold. There was nothing to worry about that cold, sitting up, and noticing that Mocha Ray had apparently hoarded the blanket to herself, wrapped tightly in a cocoon of warmth I lacked. Her unfamiliarity with strangers explained such acts, but my head went elsewhere -- to observe a room too blurry from last night. Plain, drawer on her side. Unusual feelings came up through the throat. I was never meant to be here, next to her. She was above me, in status and in form. Plain and lovely, oppossed, yet lovely to the ragged freak besides her, myself.

Quiet air was then interupted by my falling back into the bed, to look at a plain ceiling. It was a room anyone could live in -- inoffensive. Empty as well. An entirely blank color of teal, like everything else in this city. Did anyone ever get tired of this color? Enough to leave?

It must've not been too long after that I heard the small yawn of an awakening lover, looking up and towards me. While she forgot about my presense subconsicously, she could never forget me when I was right in front of her.

"Good morning," she whispered, "important meeting today. Say...the Monarch wants you there, too."

"What for?" I was never invited to anything too special in the name of government woes.

"...Importance. Your duties are...no, no. It would shrivel you like seed, you'll know when it comes to you,"

The vague words of the priestess only brought tight weaves of mental vines across the lungs and throat. An anxiety rose -- something that would break me like glass, enough that it had to be saved for the moment it occured.

"But when?" I ounced up the courage to speak, much later than I should've.

"Soon. Get ready."