A long, quiet hallway that carried a heavy silence was the next sight of those fogged lungs. The silence carried secrets, whispers that could never be heard ever again, and a history of years I was not there for. I was also carried through it, with two large men besides my sides, disallowed to touch either, but being led towards the destination of whispers picking up again. An even longer room, with a long table, and only a few to sit amongst that table. On one of those shallow ends, laid someone covered in ribbon, cloth, and undeterminable form. On the other, myself.

And in the middle was everybody else, with Mocha Ray next to myself, a few others, old as ever, and...whatever was at that end. The unseeable mayor, who's headpiece rang high, hung low, a cloth covering the face and hair covering the eyes. A concealment as thick as the stubborn airs, a fitting gown for someone never seen in the first place. The behind the scenes were now exposed to my very eyes, as that cranky, eternal voice spoke.

"Through words came a story -- while peace was never a guarentee in where the city of Sugarteara laid, in the past months, it had reached a limit of the elements. Through quake, beast, and others, buildings destroyed, and," my mind began to stir, and flee away the conversation, the vision blurred, "that every citizen was to be escorted to a beach town miles away on a Southern coast," my limbs grew heavy, yet shaked with an unknown emotion, "while what remained of our civilization would stay, everything was to be taken to a safer area," teeth gritted, "that Sugarteara was too dangerous to live on as a city." That the decision to evacuate was to be left to the twelve in the room, with a raise of hands. While I raised a claw, I was outnumbered from the start, not even checking as to if Mocha Ray could agree with me. She merely looked downwards, ignoring the world in a much more innocent manner than my own zoned-out eyes were trying to ignore.

"So -- the decision made. May we abandon the city as soon as possible. Sugarteara cannot remain at the cost of--"

Without even thinking of it, and with what I was taught -- to guard Sugarteara until my death, I leapt up, a leg on the table, and nearly crawled onto it trying to reach that enemy and destroy it.