Evacuation seemed to go so awfully quick, a rush of prevention, and one that seemed to swirl me around like I was as lifeless as I felt. All the while, memories replayed, day to day, of a life going by. Moments great, moments awful, but the ones where I had failed seemed to replay much more now. I lost part of my body for a legacy that would decay and cease to exist someplace in the future, and just like this legacy, I would decay too someday. Hopefully the stories, the murals, the everything of myself would be passed down through the ages. Final photos taken before everybody went. The world would be a ghost town, no comfortable chairs left to sit, and perhaps the fish had gotten their wish -- they could overrun this place now, like a sunken ship. Such was the fate of ships, and I wanted to sink and have fish live in my body instead too.

A crowd passes -- all in white poncho, decorative pattern on the bottom. One looks back to me, before walking towards.

"Is this it? To relocate to a society I've never touched?" Their voice had a shake of a future uncertain.

I couldn't even think of an answer to it. I only stared, before giving a lifeless nod. There was no answers for this uncertain future, and soon, that one caught up with the rest of the family. It had others to stay with at home, cook for, love. I had accepted my lack of immedietes decades ago. Only a faded memory of one remained, a mother that vanished as quickly as she birthed me into this harsh world. I had nothing at this point -- no family, friends on their way to closer friends, belongings in storage, and an empty home. My soul seemed so empty, too.