As long as this city remained stagnant, I was given a gift -- a peace and quiet I had not experienced while it was alive. My mind wandered so easily, the great and the worst, but eventually to the East. I had been around this empty city as long as I could remember, but other than on official duties, not outside of it. I had a limited knowledge of the Depths, both from those missions, and from a childhood I barely remembered by now. Only little trails remained to follow.

With nobody watching, though, what laws would I be breaking if I just went down there for a while? A montonious existance was to be broken up by a new adventure, and if it was my last, well, I had already served my duties of protecting Sugarteara.

The far corner's elevator was still there as always. With a press of a shiny, luring button, the box shifted for just a second. The posters inside, for a band's visit, had faded within what little sunlight had reached it. Why they hadn't cut off access to operating this machinery, is beyond me. The mechanical purr of descent began, staring off into a bleak distance. Another shake -- on the floor of the seas. Looking out, the blue of the skies and seas seemed much more far-up than before. Nothing reached this world except the worst, the monsterous, and those who never had a chance to live to begin with.