But eventually, I grew another year too much to be kept where I could be sheltered for free, and I had already been there one extra, in exchange for unpaid work as a psuedonurse of sorts. I wasn't the worst with younger kids, after all, I was still quite young myself, but being called down to discuss a manner of where I was supposed to go after was perhaps the worst fear of them all. I was still a nobody in this world, I could be thrown back into the Depths at any time, but of course, that'd still count as assault and attempted manslaughter. Huge fall down there after all.

The Headmaster of where I dwelled was not to be feared by words, but everyone sorta did anyways because I don't think a single person here had great experience with authority, and I sorta picked up after them. Troublemakers were always the most fun to be around. Didn't help that she always dressed so formally. But the last chatter with her went smoothly, only if because I saved the tears for while I packed bags after. Not a lot of things I could call my own, basics, some shells I found and liked. That habit would always stay -- collecting shells. Stringings them together, hanging them on a wall.

And with that out of the way, and with what could fit in one bag on a stick, I made my way towards my lies. I lied about already having somewhere to go, to everyone, to those who gave their wellest goodbyes, but the best I could manage was nothing and then something out of the largest alleyway in the city I could find, bag turned into a small roof, I had a camp of sorts in the alleyway. I already could survive on my own once, hell, I could do it again!