And that soon turned into a neverending forever, but not because of length or a physical giving-out of my legs.

Soon, the freedom of isolation in the depths became ever-growing on the soul, encapsuling it like chains on my limbs. Like I had ran into one of the stone walls, the truth stuck out into me like spikes once more, all at once. I was alone, all alone, and nobody was here to notice that I was gone, either. If I was taken and eaten by some beast, there would not be a single soul to notice that, and my legacy would stop at that sharp spike point of isolation. Abandonment. All of it stretched out a time spent running away from my problems.

But no matter what dragged, I merely couldn't turn around yet. Much too early for that. Journey came to a stop anyways, a gradual one, entering a strangely large circle in the middle of the formation. A few other tunnels connected to this great dead end, and one could look up at the sky and...ah. Darkness had already set on the lands. And the only lights did not come from up there, but...

Those eyes in the holes again. Staring, each one blinked around and then away like fireflies. I stepped closer to one, and felt a whisper from behind that walls, not only heard, but tingling in a vibration through my body. A scratching noise. A beckon. And then, a question.

"I see you've lost it all again, solider."

"...Repeat that."

"Lost child...ran away, rainy day, found again, gingerbread."

"Does the city you claimed adopted to still stand as proudly as they claim?

Piercing voices, all through holes in the stone, and then, a shout from across the circle of fate.

"Does what reclaim you abandon you like God abandoned us?