The ears felt like they could bleed at any time, the sounds quickening, as if a chorus had hoarded me in the middle to sing something truly awful. The topics changed at a second's whim, but all ceneted myself. Who was I? How did I flee the land of God's abandoned? What let me set into her realm, so respected, and what cast me aside it again to return here, of all places? Was I as glorious as they sold me as? Wait, they were selling my image?! And I wasn't even getting paid. Another problem to deal with later, how lovely.

I slowly walked into the center to try and escape the chatterbox. And then, running towards it, only to nearly stumble and trip.

"A fault, already?"

And then, voices turned into laughter. Laughter at my mistakes, my everything, quiet and then loud and quiet again. The scene was enough to make my humiliated face nearly vomit with shame, but merely fall back to the ground again, whispering for forgiveness.

"...Please, please...I'll go back home, stop...stop this! Please, I'll do anything, my God, please..."

"Please quiet down! No way to welcome a guest back home."

Through the side of a tunnel, and then into the end of the circle I had entered the arena of attack from, emerged a figure. Spindly and long, arms that barely looked like arms at all. Arms that looked more like my pathetic excuse for an arm than an arm. Was that more than two legs? And yet, this one felt more warming than anything else around me, around the suffocation of it all. Nothing felt real, until her voice beckoned again.