That feminine something, slowly crawling towards me, made the sound of pierced glass with each step of those dangling legs. Closer, and closer. The noises from the stone slowly gave out on their own to only the hushed whispers of rumoring, and eventually died into a silence towards the timing of a very long finger reaching towards to embrace the ever-cold crystal of my right shoulder. Another something went to the other shoulder, bringing me into a hug I never knew I needed as much as I did at that very moment. The coldness in my arms turned into a burning warmth of another person, and just as quickly as I was given the gift of the heat, she pulled away, only now was I allowed a crazed glimpse. The face was covered by a funeral's voided veil, but there was no face to cover to begin with, except for the slightest hints of a mouth to feed with. A silence grew so louder, until she broke it.

"Do you not remember me at all? I couldn't have left you for that long, to forget even my face..."

For now, this thing was a total stranger to me. But yet, like a stray cat happening upon family, the warmth flooded in as if what stood to protect me from the screaming assaults was someone I had known for a very, very long time.

"Would you like a refreshment, of both memory and mouth? Come inside, come inside, loveliest litle..."

The voice treaded away like a ghost's movement, and the two of us moving towards the side of a tunnel, her appendige sticking through a certain hole, and block upon block of the stone moving away to create a hole that would fit her just snugly. The insides of the stone walls were lit up warmly, and what was inside was a strange emptiness, unlike what seemed to stare back from the other tunnel's holes. But the void was a warm void, as that shuffled away into another darkness, presumably to grab something. Left with my own thoughts, the thoughts swirled around like a soup, until, as if bullet through the head, I was given a stark reminder of who this was.