Throughout this loneliness, I had seen no trace of the fish I knew as my friend, yet hadn't noticed the absense at all. Too drowned in the drug of self-pity, until one day, that friend came back while I slept. In the small bed on the desk, made just for her, laid a third last resident of Sugarteara, and a rather peculiar gift of absense.

There was no comment on what that device was until both of us were awake at the end of that day, in the night's dim light. It was something that did not come from Sugarteara, nor from the areas above us on land. Absolutely alien, shaped like the basket that a fortune-teller's crystal ball would sit in. On each piercing root extending upwards, sat the diamond-shaped crystals, connected to each other, crimson, shimmering as brightly as my own crystal claw. The best description to this would've been "rotten food dressed in richest sauces". It emitted a small noise, indescribable, yet otherworldly. As I held it in that crystal claw, the shimmering lights from the jewels only brightened.

"What is this?"

"A very special piece from where I came from -- a healing charm, dare I say?"

"And what would I do with a healing charm? I am not injured, and I am not unwell."

"It is not for you, or any living being. It is for places, objects, to purify those places. Specially picked just for you. You see yourself as a knight, yes?"

"I am a knight for Sugarteara."

"Good, good...let this, and myself, turn Sugarteara holy like never before."

Sweet, sweet, strawberry jam-sweet lies. But before I could pinpoint these fabrications, the fish swam in front of me, the lure becoming a great red sun in front of my face. A blinding laser, and oh, did it blind me. When I regained the sights of my lonely little abode, I felt a haziness away from my body, and a knowledge of just what to do.