It could've been a day, two days, a week, or a month, but the rest of the time between then and what would be the final explosion was spent plotting the rest of the revival with my only ally. It was through to me and through to her, but most of the action would be on my end, with her just telling me what to do. Every time we spoke, a strange nervous calm went over my body, my limbs relaxing, silently listening to what I had to do. She could not do much of her own, a small fish like it, but that was my problem to solve, after all. I would be hailed as a hero when we were done, and we would be honored more than any standing-by priestess who did nothing but watch it all fall apart.

There would be another grand entrance into the temple, but it would have to wait. There would be a signal from God first. After that, I could follow what God had birthed me to do. What was the signal, anyways? Would it be as obvious as a signal is in the sky, a smoke flare to call me over? Or would it be...

The sound of a plunge through water, the rush through to the deepest ends of the ocean. Outside of a sudden whirlpool circling downwards, I was surveying and observing a calm area of coral and floater fish, schools of them resting around and circling me. Down crashed two cookies -- one was not familiar, carrying a sleeping and small droplet in its arms, and having to balance a blue-white spiralling shell on top of that. The other was.

Already an intruder before to the city I was so loyal to -- a theft of food, but not food food, but the vaguest scraps they could find anywhere, even if it meant -- it was that damned Shark. That wall-eating Shark had returned with a friend, presumably to steal.

Halt, outsiders. Identify yourself, or leave these sacred grounds.