The waters felt cold around the three of us, with the two explaining some sort of event from upstairs and up beyond the water levels. It was drastic, awful, and even repeating it would leave the metallic taste of blood I would soon re-learn back in my throat again. There was a quick greeting from myself, less the meat of my past and more the dire present, and then, a very, very long walk. It would be long, painful on everybody's feet, but a pilgrimage to where we would all seal the evil once and for all, and bring back Sugarteara as it was meant to stand.

They understood well, my blabbering a whistled, frenzied note. I had not talked to anybody in ages, the words fumbled, and I sounded like when I was a child again, a child who had nobody to talk to in the Depths where I were. And then, a long stairway to a shorter pathway, and then home -- beautiful, beautiful, desolate Sugarteara. It wasn't as damaged last time I had paid this much attention. Keep an eye out on the shark -- Sorbet Shark. That was their name. The other was Peppermint, and Peppermint didn't look like anybody I had seen since those good old days. A normal cookie was almost alien to the alien I was.

We were all quiet after that spiral stairway -- exhaustion had took the toll on everybody. And then, quiet interupted by noise. Noise from the north-left of my sight, nearby,