I had forgotten about these guardians, never used in favor of a living, emotional cookie, but still there. And now, the only ones there to watch over, and looking down at us quite emotionless. A base of a rectangle, a "heart" at the center, mechanical, and the things that held these behemoths up were two arms and fists for legs, which now crunched into the sugar crystal flooring like it was sugar glass.

"Stay back, you two!" And then -- they were frozen, and that thing was now approaching head-on, threatening to make us into crumbs.

"BACK!" And that's when they got the lesson -- rushing behind and opposite, with Sorbet's clawed, spiked arms covering Peppermint, one arm shielding innocent eyes, the other a fragile body. I went the opposite way as them -- forward, dodging a well-aimed fist aimed at my skull, and then, to the behind. My crystal claw latched onto it, and with that, I began a great giant scale. It didn't take too long, as too long meant certain death, and then, on top of the body -- the crystal claw -- the same material as this iron beast, the betrayel I was about to commit, for Sugarteara, for the TRUE Sugarteara, not this fake one where evil ruled with robed arm and nobody was here to enjoy those sacred grounds except for her greedy self, so that I could be the hero, the hero I was born to be, Lobster Cookie, because I was Lobster Cookie -- no, I am Lobster Cookie.

My claw plunged through that shielded heart, over and over again, until it toppled into death and onto the ground, some of the body resting onto the wall it had landed next to instead.