Dust arose from an untouched ground, not even settling before I moved on from the succumbation of what kept me away from salvation. The two behind me remained silent, except for small gestures between the others, and, while approaching the temple itself, while I did not go back to check, had turned anxious the farther we went. And then, there it was, in front of me, and I would've entered if it wasn't for yet another opponent in the way.

Though the doors of the temple were wide open, they were sealed by something other than those doors. A barrier had been put up, letting me peer, but not go past, a pure electricity that travelled across the gap. It resonated with the sounds of otherworldly plasma.

"You two, stand back."

"You aren't going to try just passing through, are you, Lobster Cookie?"

But that was exactly what I was hoping to do, stepping a few back, and trying to run through it like a cloud. I was bounced back like a tennis ball into the net, the feeling of shocks making its way through my front, and being thrown halfway down the stairs that led up to this wall, only to stand right back up and do the same thing again, and get thrown back the entire way down the stairs. The two cookies merely watched, faces growing either a worry for my safety, or a smirk of knowing one was right in safety.

That damned ray. It was only her who could muster up this trap. But the materialized element would not be a match for what was already known in the physical, and a little bit of physical force could do the trick.