The two of us were thrown to the ground like gravel falling, my one claw holding her by the bottom of the neck, tip stabbed into stone ground, and the other missing a dodging head. The screams of the damned and the damning echoed through, pleads for mercy mixed with the truth of what she thought about me all along, how it was always going to come to this point. The body-wide burning of electric shock started off as a deterrant to my plight, but the longer she sent those through my choking claws, the less they were felt, taken over by the feeling of nothing.

It only escalated. Bodies thrown against the ground, what was once a catfight having become a brawl that would sever a life. Blood wept from the two of us, thrown across the room like death-day's streamers, and all anybody who was around could do was watch in awe. A relationship that one bloomed was now being torn to the same shreds as her face had become, ichor dripping from above her bangs, crown, and from her mouth and nose. And through it all, it was not set to a closing yet. No matter how gruesome our bodies became, they still molded together as arms and legs threw themselves against each other, as the tips of my hair became singed from shocks.

And then, the pillar behind her back nearly crumbling to the ground from how fast she had been thrown into it. Her body went limp, trembling, looking up at me with the image of betrayed hate. It had all become nothing. Everything we sowed was wilted, everything, nothing. The revelation. Seperation. The final strike. Strike to glory. Rapture. Salvation. I would become salvation. I would become the knight. This demon would vanish soon, the demon in front of me, a claw raising in front of her face, an astral cyan glow lighting up a battlefield covered in blood, and a second, unsighted light from behind the pillar from what would stop the unpleasant execution of this Jezebel.