The Jezebel, the Cain, the two lambs besides, and the Virgin Mary. No. It was God. The God who visited, the God who led the hero.

When Sea Fairy had appeared in front of Mocha Ray, her vision was silent, blinded by closed eyes, mouth moving with no sound to come out of it. Gazing, a holy light shed upon the mortal world. Clipped through the floor, the connection becoming a trembling puddle. Staring down at me, her favorite little sinner, and the voice from that mouth audible at once.

"What I had sacrificed, but what had become of it? Taken for granted. What I left to pursue what kept me alive, you hung onto the corpse of like a maggot. You, behind me, I had laid a task. You, ahead, had joined, only to be a lockpick instead of a key. You...grasp at nothing. Put that claw down, I see it tug at the dress, and I will not answer like a mother forgiving its child's mistake. Do not plead for forgiveness. It had already been granted at a cost you will soon pay."

The ground trembled with every syllable of that voice from another.

"Selfless for selfless for the selfish. I loved the world I had sewn into the ocean's blanket of waves. But to No. To persist it would to be laid fallen in the hopeless. Emotions suckled out of the breast. To ween you off of it had failed. Leave for dead. Pursue. Pursue your fate. My fate. Fate, fate, fate! And you will understand as I lay you for, that, unless you want to seal yourself in fate like I had almost done for everybody in this bleached coral world, you must fight against it. Fight and pursue. Pursue fate. Now, then, pursue it!"

With a single flash of light, this vision vanished from all of us, with the drop nowhere to be seen, but the pearl making the same noise as the voice had. It pulled something towards it. Then another. The ground, the stature that it was held by, everything, crumbling like cookies. Without a word, Mocha Ray had taken off, a calling whistle for the Great Ray to take her to safety. Sorbet Shark's claws grasped onto Peppermint's wrist, nearly dragging blood the way it dragged the two over to safety. But I just stood, watching, watching fate unfold from Pandora's box, watching the box seal the great legends of home away. There was nobody to take me to safety, the threads dangled, cut, for I had severed any thread of friendship with threats, and in the events of it all, had not even realized yet that I had also severed the crystal arm with it.