Nephro's Cookie Run Comic Scans

page is mostly styleless for now and may be made fancier at a later date. for now, i'm throwing my scans on here of a few select cookie run comics just so other people have a chance at reading these.

the comics have always held some sort of weird, slight fascination with me and probably a lot of other cookie run fans. they aren't produced by devsisters at all, but do have proper permissions to use the characters for these. a lot of the comics just make no sense both in-context and out of context. if anyone brings up the pregnant cookie panel one more time i am straight up killing you by the way. they're nothing to write home about, but i guess i'm at least glad they exist in...some way. i only own the ones pertaining to sugarteara, because...well, no surprise that i really, really like sugarteara.

these comics are largely non-canon for what should be obvious reasons, but because some people are a little doopid, i feel the need to state this anyways.

these are in the original korean, and i do not have any means to translate them at the moment, though if anyone was up for the opprotunity, feel free to use these for it. i do not have any experience in scanning, so these may be low quality compared to what you usually see online, and i apologize for that. otherwise, enjoy.

cookie run comic 40

read here

notes: hosted on catbox as opposed to my website because the file is comically large. starts off with some tower of frozen waves related stuff. Why is there vore in the end of this that's fucking weirddddd

cookie run comic 41

read here

notes: there are some really good drawings of mocha ray in this one, but half the time they just trace over her official sprite. actually, does anyone ever notice how much the comics rely on tracing official media? it's even in the cover here, the lobster is just...ripped straight from the splash screen. Huh.

cookie run comic 42

read here

notes: this is where the funniest fucking image maybe ever is from (pizza cookie running the cookiemals over). also it ends off leading into a pudding cup circus arc, but i don't have that edition sooooooo.