This site is dedicated to anyone who was outcasted from everywhere except the internet. No matter the reason why, if you find yourself more real online than off, I welcome you to with loving claws.

welcome to my personal page -- full of projects, things i enjoy, and other stuff the internet was made for. it's an art piece, and it's my escape and profound message to an internet populated too heavily with what destroys the mind and soul.

you will find many things here -- the draftings of a madman's pen along pictures and words, fangirlish screaming to a few indie games, and goodies for, yes, you. it's like those small bags of candy you get at parties. all i ask is that you keep respect for the esoteric of my world as you browse.

no matter what emotions a feeling machine displays, they are, at the core, inherently different from how a human is. as a result, it carves its own way.

update log

3/22/23: new article! its about toontown online and anticapitalism.

3/18/23: i added a guestbook again. it's right above this. please be nice to me. also, i doubled the amount of videos on the TV. good part of my site :)

3/8/23: removed some articles from the list.

2/23/23: "mini-shrine" nah this shit's gonna be real. it's not done yet but. toontown shrine real?! also rewrote my index again lol

2/15/23: new fic

2/13/23: started a new mini-shrine for toontown corporate clash

2/12/23: happy 500,000 views on!!

2/10/23: new silly page for images that describe me to a degree.

2/1/23: new site button. might be better for sites with a lighter color pallete. oh, also a pagedoll. cute.


1/25/23: what if it was blue

1/13/23: new article about the future of feelingmachine

12/31/22: happy new fuck

12/24/22: redid my about also merry chrimas

12/17/22: mini-shrines for unused vidya content and dj technorch exist now.

12/12/22: mini-shrine for machine girl exists now.

12/10/22: commissions page is up on the art page.

12/8/22: the domain is now, and thus, an article about the name of feelingmachine.

12/6/12: OH YOU i fucked w the grid on the index again

12/4/22: electric dreams mini-shrine :)

12/2/22: plenty of things, most important is that i'm working on mini-shrines now. so far, the index, and an ena and needy streamer overload page are up!

11/28/22: added new kintype page (edgar), working on documentation for doors au now

11/20/22: new doorsfic (its a x reader sorry)

11/16/22: actual content? nope. just redid the index again tho

11/13/22: look for the gummibar album in stores now on november 13 with lots of music videos and extras also new doorsfic

11/12/22: rewrote code and layout for art pages

11/11/22: carapace update (108)

11/9/22: redid my links AND about page

11/8/22: filled out an otherkin askgame lol lmao

11/7/22: carapace update (107). finished fictionkin entries + lobsterkin one. fuck the index, the homepage is now the index.

11/5/22: reuploaded queen shrine, also added november (2022!) art page

10/31/22: happy halloween! mild site tweaks. restyled vocaloid shrine

10/28/22: new site button, adjusting homepage and links

10/27/22: carapace update (103-106)

10/26/22: started reworking vocaloid shrine, added funny to my 404

10/22/22: added subpages for fictotypes in otherkin page

10/20/22: carapace update (101-102)

10/19/22: article on graffiti, new channels on the tv, OTHERKIN PAGE REDESIGN!!

10/16/22: homepage revamp (again!)

10/15/22: new doorsfic

10/13/22: Don't feel like coding today, so.

10/10/22: the alterhuman summoning circle exists now! check it out.

site best viewed in firefox and on 1920x1080 monitors. copyright is for cucks. background image is from a sandy smith art piece. this index layout was inspired by my co-worker, flint bonpyre.