september seventeen two-thousand-twenty-three

ok so i was going to write this. when it actually happened but i forgot for more than a week which is pretty standard for Anything i do on feelingmachine to be fair but. i got to meet up with the webmaster of and another friend who was visiting near us both last week!! we mostly just went to a mall and a zoo that was in between the distance of both of us but it was super fun. suni is as cool as he is online honestly.. we just kinda pointed at dumb shit in stores and animals being stupid the entire day and what else could u ask from ur friends.

also exchanged a bunch of goods between each other, gave suni a japanese copy of the splatoon 2 artbook and got a plush lobster in return ^_^ good deal i am. still very much a lobster in the Heart i am just a guy w claws and whatnot .. i just don't talk abt it As Much anymore. but also this morning i woke up w a very Specific feeling of "living weaponry" and that could be like Anything in a way that is a bit personal to even put on the diary entries here. Whatrver you know what i mean by that. i am objects !! machinery and plushies and whatnot

also i watched the amazing digital circus pilot yesterday or the day before i cannot remember and it is definetly Promising even if there's some things i think could be fixed for the actual show, mostly just reducing the amount of Meta Random Humor and maybe some adjustments on the way models are shaded but i really do love what they have going on so far. Media that was made to target ena fans that were getting antsy waiting for DREAM BBQ i think. favorite character so far is definetly whatever is wrong with ragatha to be More Normal than the rest but zooble and pomni are definetly up there too. also my gf kept making jokes abt pomni being a representation of Jesus and drew her crucified and it turns out there was actual concept art of pomni on a cross. Whoops we predicted that. awesome

ALSO also they put me on seroquel today. i actually got to pick it up the same day it got perscribed isnt that cool....Nephro Medicated arc. if i suddenly stop posting abt diane morsecode blame the meds idk