june twenty-two two-thousand-twenty-three

First journal entry for the website, and it only took me about two years to even make one here. It always felt too personal to talk about my closer life, to think, on a personal website, that I could do whatever I wanted to? But I guess things needed to change, and I also needed to just step up and make content on here anyways.

My current plan for the entries is that they probably won't be every day, and each individual day will have a page with a nice background image outside of my wallpaper collection. I have a lot of wallpapers that are just office buildings, city skylines, train stations, the works of that. I also have a lot that are just anime women. I mostly use the former, though. While I do love myself some anime women, I don't enough to put them as my wallpaper like every other weeb on this Earth does. And imagine if someone saw that! I don't even watch most anime, they'd get the wrong picture of me!

Right now, my hands are very cold as I type this. I've been running my AC on blast ever since I got it, to the dismay of my parents who I still live with. It's not for me, but I can sure stand the cold. I've just been very worried about heat and climate change and how Bong Water will fend for it. Usually she's fine, but I had a day already where I forgot to turn on said window AC in the morning, and when it got to mid-day, I could tell she wasn't doing too well with it. Better to just leave it on all day apparently than risk such a thing. She's my one friend I can really count on in the physical world, though I do also have plans to be with some other friends this weekend again because there's a pride event in a nearby city and we've been wanting to go there all month. This is terrifying to me. Very worried that...something could happen. I keep visualizing my own death. But I'm sure things will be fine, hopefully, please.

Other than that, I've been...mostly fine. Made the diary index pages today. I got inspired by those older iOS wallpapers I used to be obsessed with that were just shelves for the apps to go on. Very cute. Not sure what I'll do for the rest of the day, but I did also clean my roomfloor.

I spoke too soon apparently. My plush of my waifu came in today. Here's pictures of us at the local Friendly's. Tired after going out for that kinda-date, so I don't have much else to add other than just how much I really do love Ms. Morsecode.