june twenty-seven two-thousand-twenty-three

A lot of things actually happened within the last five days, so I'm hoping to do a recap of some cool stuff I've been up to here and then bounce.

Spent the weekend with some of my IRL friends, on Saturday we hit up a mall, Five Below, then stayed the night getting high and trying to shoo off a four year old away from the room we were getting high in. Sunday we managed to watch both Into the Spider-Verse at home, and Across the Spider-Verse at a theater...but in between that was a local pride festival we hit up!! Got a bunch of little pride related trinkets from there, mostly buttons and flags. Weird to always notice now how there's not a lot of things for the lesbian flag, but whatever can I do about that? Anyways, for some reason watching those two movies in a row had me in some sort of "i need more of this type of Thing" trance, and I already had tried to read The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, so I'm going to continue doing that for the few days. I probably don't strike anybody as a comics fan, but...

I'm not too familiar with any of them, but I do have a great admiration for the media of the western comic book. I spent a lot more minutes while watching Across than I'd like to admit studying the colors of some shots, composition, ect. My art major processor was having fun at least.

Also, all of that costed money. Food picked up, gas for driving around everybody, and it's a little worrying because I'm not in the place to actually hold a job down mentally at the moment, so I've been trying to get by and stay afloat using Doordash and taking commissions. Most of the art I've done this month has been commission work. It's a little tiring and burnt-outing, but I guess this will be my new normal if it means I can stay ok this way.

I also decided to finally boot up ULTRAKILL this morning after having it in my Steam library for months while Corporate Clash was my "if i go towards anything else right now it'd be blasphemy" hyperfixation, and I really do wish I opened it sooner. I'm having so much fun so far. They made this game for me. Robots KILL. What more could I want.