august sixteen two-thousand-twenty-three

another day another slay

or at least that's how i think it goes. i have a doc appointment for the first time in a while coming up in a few hours and i'm just confused on what i would need to bring up there. 30 minutes doesn't seem like that much time to concern the headaches i've had for almost a decade by now. my dad wants me to bring up my thyroid but it's only because he wants me to lose weight. he always wants me to lose weight. i literally just don't care for the state of this meatshell as much as he does and for all the wrong reasons that he does. whatever at least i have work off for it.

also might be able to go back down to my homestate to visit some friends in a few weeks.. i'm aiming to get three to four days off for this and it'll just be a nice road trip down to see people and pretend that i don't have the semester starting back up again immedietly after. i am So Scared. i have good classes this time but i am also still So Scared. it's been too long. the usmmer's both too long and too short. i want to be in idle forever. that's always how i feel anyways !! like i'm stuck in a pause frame of something and i can't budge to do what i really need to do.

also watched phantom of the paradise because someone online suggested it and i got pulled in by the mask design and it was REALLY GOOD. the design for every costume and set was super unique and the message gets through with that -- that creativity is sold and then burnt to a crisp. it is how it is i suppose

idk mixed opinions on my Recent Days. solid 6/10 life right now