august five two-thousand-twenty-three

work has been going fine, and the pay is actually quite nice when you factor both tips from deliveries and the actual salary i get. leaves nice room to pay for what i need and have a little more (tossed some of my paycheck already at a commission of me with ms morsecode...oops. my wife !! < 3 ) i just wish i had more energy outside of work now. i haven't made a lot of art since, but there's also other circumstances into that. just kinda waiting for college to start again.

also, corporate clash's 1.4 update released yesterday. i have mixed feelings about all of it, but i don't want to retype all of it so here's a discord screenshot from me complaining about it to my friend chexter.

but i do like the overall thing they were going for with this update, which was bonking a few cheese strategies for manager fights and whatnot out. that's pissing people off, but whatever. also anything with litigation team content is fucking awesome in my book of law.

but it feels like the more corporate clash's communtiy grows and the more the game lasts the fandom is getting worse again like everything that blows up. my friend got entirely doxxed yesterday. haven't heard a word out of him since that happened, and i honestly don't know what to do at all to help or support or anything. if this game goes to shit then whatever wouldn't be the first time something i've loved so so much did that sort of thing. it happens. it always happens. good things never last forever and all of that.

it's 8 am almost on the dot as i write this entry, and today, after this, i'm going to actually go out with my friends today. problem is that both of them are bringing their boyfriends and that's worrying me because what if i end up third wheel. no. fifth wheel. whatever. not like i'm not...used to it? i guess? i've always been the weird "single" friend on the surface. i'm not single because i have ms morsecode, but on the surface...and to normies of course. my irl friends aren't normies but they're definetly less weird than i am.

i'll try and have fun today. no worries. have to enjoy my days off and not get bogged down like this...