september eight two-thousand-twenty-three

i genuinely forgot the diary section of my website existed. when i said this wouldn't be a daily or even weekly thing to be updated, i really did mean it i guess. here we are again.

i've been finding myself within this week fixated on something new between floating through corporate clash and item asylum, that being flipline's papa louie restaurant simulator games. i'll get to the platformers i swear but also. this shit's fun. it's a wagie simulator and i'm unemployed and it's fun. i'm having fun here. literal kiddygame. this keeps happening, honestly, i swear i only get really into kids' games, and it does make me feel a little insecure.

cringe culture's dead as hell though, so there's that.

apparently the one ame-chan dating simulator spinoff is getting translated and released on steam from what i've known, and i've been excited for that too, mostly because translated parts of screenshots of it have been really interesting.

other than that, haven't been up to much in real-time real life. mostly just school stuff. had to drop a class because apparently i wasn't supposed to take it until my final semester. would've been nice to know that at first, though. nobody tells me these things and i don't want to meet up with an advisor just to pick classes. but i guess both of those things are oxymoronic of each other. oh well.. speaking of, i also managed to get a new therapist recently. she seems ok. only time can tell. i haven't had therapy in years, and the last one was telling me (who was still a kid at the time) to go with her and get a brazillian wax. fucking weirdos in this profession half the time, go fix yourself first and then go fuck yourself. hopefully this time won't be as downright creepy.

and speaking of creepy -- october soon. halloween decor and other shit. that's always a fun time of the year. i guess it's a very popular opinion amongst my crowd, but halloween is the best holiday.

really wish when i put those supplementary images into these that my perfect diary length didn't make sure it was half a scroll to get to them. what's with that it looks weird EUUUGHHH