september eight two-thousand-twenty-three

college started up again, and i'm taking a class less than my last semester to see if it doesn't drag me down as much in all of them if i don't have too many to handle to begin with. and i'm getting to the more interesting classes i'm able to take -- portfolio development (they used personal websites as examples for most of them, mostly wix/squarespace, buuuut), marine biology, digital illustration (!!!), y'know, things i actually care about in the first place. i can only hope that i do my best with everything, and i'll make sure to, even though i am slacking a bit already (writing this instead of finishing something). whatever, it's due next week anyways. i have time.

me and my online friends have mostly been doing that one thing every friend group does where we make a minecraft server and get really into it for two weeks tops. right now i'm making a track that takes you from the shitass mesa biome we spawned in and made our little village of houses in to the savannah that's also really far away but hopefully this makes it less annoying to get to. i wanna make a little train station for it and shit like that. it's the Mechanism. speaking of, here's the house i have in the server!

i'm not really good at building or anything but it's pretty cute. my girlfriend made a really big evil tower next to it and now we write each other cheesy love letters with book and pen in minecraft. peak e-couple behavior but i honestly can't get enough of it. she's sweet. also my friend with operator status on it spawned a rabbit, named it after [friend's oc who is a comfort character of mine to an extent], and put it in my house. overall we are having Fun and i will probably get back to making my railtrack after publishing this diary entry to the site.

now i'm wondering what multiplayer game our group is going to obsess over for a week straight is next. we were really into vrchat for a while and still like going around on private servers dressed up as cogs and goofing off and drawing boobs with pens. keyword private servers half of us are too paranoid to leave that safety clause. and also dealing with people who play vrchat publicly...well they're mostly annoying honestly < / 3