doors is a multiplayer procedural horror game on roblox, co-created by lightning_splash and rediblesqw. inspired by the likes of spooky's jumpscare mansion and another roblox game (rooms) (that eventually got a cameo crossover in doors) (that is basically another game in doors), and currently with one floor/part/act/chapter/whatever, and with a surprising quality to it that has made me and many others go "how the fuck is this a roblox game". the gameplay is simple -- going through a hotel while avoiding death and injury at the hands of the entities that live there. also, this game won best new experience AND the builderman award of excellence in the roblox innovation awards of 2023.

the game itself

again, this is a procedurally generated horror game where you go through rooms of a hotel and Things happen! you do have a health system in the game, and some entities will only take a set amount of health from you if you get hit by them, but the vast majority of them are more likely to just kill you outright than not.

i feel like the first room you set in makes for one of the best tutorials i've seen in a game, maybe ever. it's barely even a tutorial. you have to crouch underneath something to get a key behind the desk of a receptionist room, and use it to unlock the door that leads you to the Horrors. that's basically the controls. you can crouch, you can pick up items, open drawers, e to interact with things. that's the entire tutorial. you're meant to play blindly and figure out the rest through dialogue you're given after you die to an entity, and doing this is...easier said than done? not like actually playing the game just doing it without knowing wtf it is first since it blew up so big in 2022

ok also i fucking ADORE every single enviroment in this game and these are all not my screenshots bc my computer can barely handle roblox at like half graphics but like. comp of how Pretty the enviroment design is for this game. at least to me. Mwah

idk man its Good Enviroment. detail design. mentally here rn.

this game is free go play it .

i ramble about the entities for a while in this one

this is just big tl;drs (length dependant on how much i like them) without images of everyone and i Highly reccomend once again you literally just play the game instead or read a wiki instead of this tab specifically which is only here because i would get Mad at myself if i didn't have it. anyways these guys are like Best Friends in my brain at this point idk how to explain. Emotionally Attached to a bunch of mosnters.

- rush, probably the first you'll see in the game (if not, Oops. Sorry.). goes through multiple rooms. if a player isn't hidden in a closet, under a bed, or a Secret Third Option, they're probably dead.

- ambush, which is basically Rush But Cooler (and a #girl to me but that's besides the point). louder (fandom nicknames tend to be vacuum jokes), more strict/larger hitbox, and can and will pass through multiples times (rebounder).

- screech, only shows up if there's no light in a room, and less if you carry your own. makes a quiet noise before attackign, but can be shooed away through direct eye contact. universally agreed on to be the one seven year old you have beef with or something idk

- eyes, which deals per-tick damage if you even glance at them. just look away. that's it. nuistance at best if you have reaction time.

- halt, which takes you to the most coolest ambianced blue hallway, which only makes up halfway for it being kinda a weirdly bland entity? idk just walk back and forth. Probably also a woman to me .

- dupe, which is half actual entity half game mechanic. when dupe spawns in a room, the next doors will all look like the actual next door (with varying numbers), and picking the wrong one leads to a nasty bite.

- hide, also half game mechanic. slowly peers over your screen the longer you stay hidden in a closet, and will kick you out with some damage as a side dish if you don't heed the warning.

- not sure how i went this long without mentioning guiding light but guiding light, which both shows up as a blue glue on Certain Objects, as well as an omniprescent voice after you die.

- seek, encountered at a semi-fixed rate twice per run. may or may not be Literally Me FR. a cascade of eyes ever-so-appearing in droves on the wall, and then the real chase. made out of amorphous goop, but shows up in a haphazard humanoid forme.

- figure, encountered in room 50 and room 100. my personal favorite. blind, but large and able to find you anyways. both rooms are basically a stealth section and codebreaking and avoiding getting your head bitten off.

- jeff, el goblino, and bob. shadowy tentacle guy, a red goblin, and a skeleton respectively, encountered in a shambled-up shop right after room 50. the only entities that literally just want you dead and gone. you can buy items off of jeff, and el goblino just kinda sits there and talks, and is one of the few actual ways to know Lore about this game. thank you el goblino.

- timothy, literally just a spider that will sometimes appear in a drawer and scare you for a tad of health.

what it means to me (too much)

starting this with a note that i've been playing roblox since 2012. i know how it is. most roblox games...kinda just aren't that great. this one is different, though. i was originally reccomended it by a group of ex-friends, and was instantly impressed within my first run and first death (didn't take too long for me, who was playing blind at the time, to die to rush) with how polished the game is. so many little details that add to athmosphere, the game teaches you the controls with no handholding tutorial as soon as you spawn and very shortly at that, the entity design is on point for horror monsters, and it really just didn't feel like a roblox game. somehow it felt too good to justify having to call it a roblox game. it still always feels this way, it feels different from being on its platform.

of course, this led to massive months long bouts of Being Very Mentally Ill about this game. it got me back into writing and lorebuilding, seeing as the game didn't have much of it's own lore to work by at that point, which i've come to nickname my extended lore Hotel Nowhere. i write about it sometimes still, but when i say it got me back, i mean...after pretty much over two years without much fanwriting/fanfic done due to an event that scared me off of that.

in a way, i kinda ended up considering the entities of the games (50/50 on Mental Illness Brain and being kin with seek. Did I mention i am kin with Seek. god anyways. they're like shitty coworkers to me. and friends. and kind of a found family. these horrific motherfuckers are basically like that. And so much more i really wouldn't be able to put into words publicly, at least. just know they mean a lot to me.

various smaller tidbits i think are neat

- you can take the paintings off the wall in the dining room's puzzle after it is complete. after a few rooms, they will disappear from your hands, but it is fun to literally just steal shit

- i mentioned this already but i think being able to remake the game that inspired doors into doors entirely was fucking NUTS actually in the best way

- the only way i've been able to actually get through dupe's bullshit is that if you go close enough to a duplicated door you can hear growling noises. fucks its problem

- idk why figure/seek got so popular in the fandom but it's yuri to me i guess

- this game does insane shit to autistic bitches with no swag

- sometimes (later in the game) you'll get what's called a "ruined room" where it's Increasingly Obvious that specifically the figure absolutely tore the place up. there's piles of meat and broken wood and scratches in the walls and it's both a little Spooky and also very...something. i like the implications of something still trying to chase after you like that.

- this game had an april fool's update (SUPER HARD MODE!!!!) and it is. Something. seek drives a jeep in it at least you have that. there's actually a Ton to the joke mode it brought but i haven't played it myself at all sooooooo

- after the crucifix was added (which literally just lets you outright banish an entity One Use) the devs had to clarify the game was going to stay mostly secular which is kinda funny

- did i mention this game is free on roblox which is also free and you should try it. Because nothing i say will reallyyy give it the justification it deserves !!

compilation of my favorite lsplash/redibles tweets