with any place as paranormal as this, there is bound to be something lurking around and ready to strike you at any moment. here's a quick chart of everything that lies here, and how to deal with them.

RUSH - entrance warned by a light flicker, and a low, staticed screaming noise (and lights shattering) upon approach. if a player is not hiding, rush delivers a one-hit kill to them.

HOW TO AVOID - just hide in a closet or a bed.

AMBUSH -functionally the same as rush, but the lights flicker for longer and the noise is shrill, and much louder. in addition, will return back to rooms 2-6 times before despawning.

HOW TO AVOID - just hide in a closet or a bed, but with timing. hop in and out as ambush passes by to avoid hide's own trickery.

SCREECH - only appears in dark rooms. hovers around the player, making a whispering sound around five seconds before attacking for 30-60 damage.

HOW TO AVOID - have a light ready for dark rooms to reduce screech's spawn chances. if you hear the psst, just stare at screech directly. it will fake-out jumpscare the player, and then leave.

EYES - spawns at random, floating in a position in the room. deals a small amount of damage per tick of looking at them, but it adds up very quickly.

HOW TO AVOID - avoid eye contact with eyes in any room they spawn in. difficulty of this depends on room size and shape.

HALT - spawns in a long hallway, makes its presense known with a cyan tint on the room. will rush towards the player from the front, then from the back, and repeat, warned with flashes of static on the screen. deals 60 damage if contact is made.

HOW TO AVOID - when halt comes from the front, run back away from it. when halt comes from the back, turn around and resume running forward. rinse and repeat until you reach the room's exit.

HIDE - if the player lingers in a closet for too long, a red static will form over the screen. if this is ignored, the player is pushed out of the closet for 40 damage, and not let back in for a few.

HOW TO AVOID - exit the closet upon a set amount of time. this time gets shorter the longer you play.

JACK - appears in closets at a small chance, in door entrances at a smaller chance. flashes the room red, screams, and disappears.

HOW TO AVOID - unavoidable, and doesn't hurt you. jack is only there to scare you.

GLITCH - not a canon entity, but rather, a fail-safe for either failed room generation, or if a player in multiplayer lags behind. will produce an error-like jumpscare, and teleport the player ahead. only does damage for the second scenario.

HOW TO AVOID - don't lag behind if you're playing with others! otherwise will only appear when neccessary to prevent a stalemate.

SEEK - fixed to be encountered at two points, both being started in long hallways. presense is warned by 3-5 rooms of black, inky eyes appearing on the walls, gradually increasing in amount until the hallway is entered and walked half-way through. then, seek will come from the floor, and start chasing the player.

the first chase is a mixture of crouching under objects and having to quickly locate the right door out of three to go through, the second is only the latter. last hallway will be a duplicate of the grand starting hallway, but with the floor on fire and inky hands coming from the window. avoid both.

HOW TO AVOID - dodge through, locate the exit, and run like hell. upon escape, seek will bang the door behind you, and you're all set.

THE FIGURE - fixed to be encountered at room 50 and room 100. room 50 is a library, in where the player must collect books and a note to figure out the 5-digit code for a lock on the next door. figure is blind, but has every other sense to its disposal, mostly hearing. it will locate the player based on noises the player makes with either walking, or, if in a closet, breathing. if figure finds the player in a closet, a small rhythm-based heartbeat minigame will start.

the second encounter, at the end of floor 1, has the player have to find a key to a power-room, do a memorization minigame with the elevator power switches, and enter said elevator to escape figure. figure will wander into the previous rooms, so the player will have to hide somewhere there first before doing any of the above.

HOW TO AVOID - don't make enough noise for figure to catch up with you. don't miss twice in the heartbeat minigame. don't take more than around two minutes with the elevator power.

TIMOTHY - jumps out from opened drawers, landing on the player and dealing a set five damage. if the player's health is under five, it will only reduce health to one point.

HOW TO AVOID - it's kind of counterproductive to avoid finding goodies just to avoid such a small thing, isn't it?