doors is a ROBLOX horror game released in august 2022, developed by Lightning_Splash and released under the LSPLASH group name. inspired by spooky's, as well as another ROBLOX horror game, the premise is merely going through rooms and surviving, with the first (and so far, only) floor of the game going through 100 of these rooms in an olden hotel.

i was originally not very entertained by this concept, but played it anyways because somebody asked me very nicely, and, already being very into ROBLOX, might as well have. this game has sunk its claws into me, and injected me with radioactive autism beams. i have been rotating this game in my head for far too many hours compared to how long it has been out. my friends have not heard the end of it. this somehow managed to drag me back into writing fanfics and fanlore? autism be autism.

you'll be able to navigate this shrine through the buttons on the left. throw on some music, and have fun exploring this maze.