this is the list of figurines i own at the moment! gets updated occasionally, too. above is a picture of most of the ones listed here on the same shelf. all of the information for listings is from myfigurecollection. i've always been a bit of a hoarder, so i channel it into my japanese plastic women so at least it isn't something worse, like car toys, or the unmentionables. fun fact: most of these are vocaloid because i've had an interest in vocaloid for over 10 years :D

Taito - China Dress Hatsune Miku Taito - Sakura 2020 Hatsune Miku Bandai - Spirits Hatsune Miku Racing ESPRESTO Kimono Vers Sega - White Dress Hatsune Miku
FURYU - Tokyo: CartoonY Hatsune Miku FURYU - Tokyo: CartoonY Kagamine Rin FURYU - Tokyo: CartoonY Kagamine Len FURYU - Tokyo: CartoonY Sakura Miku
Taito - Crystal Doll Sakura Miku FURYU - Special Alice Margatroid Toranoara - Touhou Shushuroku Vol. 2 Alice Margatroid Sega - PM Figure Remilia Scarlet
Bandai - The Evil Villains Vol.1 Himiko Toga Devsisters - Cookie Run Mystery Box Series 4 Alchemist Cookie Funko Pop (sorry) - Tomie Kawakami Amiibo - Animal Crossing Celeste
SEGA - Special Fuwa Fuwa Nuigurumi Ghost Miku San-ei - Taranza San-ei - Magolor Ownaj/Joel G - Ena
Sega - PM Coat Figure Asuka Langley SEGA - EX Fruits Punch Rei Ayanami Super Sonico - Special Mermaid Princess Sonico Makeship/Martin Walls - Bon the Rabbit
Great Eastern Entertainment - Rei Plush (chiquita...) Bootleg Koishi Komeiji Fumo Sega - Astolfo FuRyu - Hatsune Miku Sweet Sweets ChocoMint
Mary Meyer - Lobbie Lobster Sega - SPM Hatsune Miku Splash Parade Cuddly Octopus - Blue Plushtopus Fangamer - Spamton Talking Plush
Devsisters - Jelly Bear Plush Bootleg Plush of Figure from Doors Makeshift/Biscuit - Biscuit the Hamster Makeshift/Keith Stack - Leslie
Pop-Up Parade - OMGKawaiiAngel SEGA - Preciality Special Sakura Miku Pop-Up Parade - Dark Magician Girl [Animation Color vers.] Pop-Up Parade - Shinku
SEGA - Hatsune Miku 15th Anniversary, Murakami Yuichi ver.