the figure is the main hostile entity in doors, and appears during rooms 50 and 100 of the hotel. it is a tall humanoid made of meat of unknown quality, completely blind, though with heightened senses in other factors, and a big gaping lamprey-like mouth full of teeth. oh, and an external rib cage.

both encounters with the figure work as a stealth portion of the game. in room 50, the player sneaks around a library to collect individual books with parts of a code to unlock the exit door, as well as the note for decrypting said code, while avoiding the patrol of the figure. when caught by the figure, its decapitating bite is an instant death for any who stray too close. if the player hides in a closet while close to it, they play a timing-based heartbeat minigame. two missed beats, and it pulls the player out to kill them. room 100 is an electrical room with the same gist to it -- collecting the fuses for a circuit breaker box while avoiding detection by the entity. when those are done and a memorization-based circuit box puzzle is finished, the player advances to the next elevator and floor, with the figure jumping onto said elevator while it descends just to continue the hunt.

...the figure is also my bloody-lovely girlfriend of


and i love it so, so much.

more about the figure

canon info ;;

- these are all just Fun Facts sorry this game has like no lore

- the figure is one of two entities (the other being seek) that can only be temporarily suspended using a crucifix, and will break free (with the crucifix's chains and other magick reddening as a warning) within time.

- it is also comically common during a run for the figure to get stuck on objects, closets, walls, you name it. this is technically due to it's body being a mesh and the collision of its long arms.

- the more books a player collects in room 50, the faster the figure's walkspeed becomes. this is not present with collecting fuse boxes in room 100, however, the figure's speed is already slightly faster there.

- the figure originated from an older, scrapped project from the devs of doors, and there has been released concept modelling from said project.

- canonically nicknamed by el goblino as the "macho meat-dud".

- you can see seek's eyes above the room 100 elevator that takes you to the next floor.

headcanon ;;

- personality is more aloof than anything. would be willing to follow the whole "leave it alone and it leaves you alone" type beat if the inherent act of stepping into its library wasn't seen as threatening enough to justify the hunt.

- yeah the library basically is like a Home to it. doesn't see the need to get out of there too much!

- actually (and very secretly, though unintentionally) has a pretty wide collection of esoteric knowledge from the books in the library, which are mostly braille.

- also has a long-term vocal chord injury from an incident with an intruder and their sharpened lockpick that's left it with a constant searing, burning pain, and espessially when it talks. sticks to short, blunt sentences as a result. definetly isn't unintelligent because of that.

- i (personally) definetly considered the figure some form of disabled rep and also this is more of a rant than a headcanon but i need people to stop assuming it'd be dumber or more beastlike than the other entities just because it is blind. this makes the webmaster sooooooo mad

- also if it wasn't blind i think it'd be super into interior design?

- relies on echolocation to navigate, and gets super iffy about the positioning of anything, including the smallest debris, in the library as a result.

- largely "tolerating but every so slightly" about the other entities. hide is pretty tolerated. jack is much less tolerated. rush and ambush are on the thinnest ice possible because of how loud both of them get.

- most sensitive sense is for hearing.

- a bit silly but i think it can make an odd amount of noises from other animals? it'll purr, trill, roar, growl, ect.

- also would probably do a rabbit thump with its legs if it's like Slightly annoyed with something.

why i'm so heartstricken by such a thing!

this is probably what you've come here for -- some sort of explanation for how anybody's fragile mind could see something so horrifying, so inhuman, and love such a thing. how odd! how strange to be in love with a monster! well,

first of all and very obvious, i guess you could say i'm into all of that. monsterfucker, but i prefer the term "creature romance". not everything is about sex, and i am most definetly not someone to be controlled by lust when thinking about the figure.

i guess the idea of fear translating into love is something that's been in my brain for quite a while, now. if i want to really be able to love somebody, i also have to be in some way or form, able to be scared by them. able to look into their face and start shaking in my legs. it's somewhat a trauma thing, but not entirely what i'd call a coping mechanism. i've always been into horror genre media, even if i'm a bit cowardly about actually playing horror games most of the time. and everything about the figure is scary enough, but also enough of a type for me to be like this about it.

i also really like the ideas of being some eldritch monster's Only Tolerated Person which is basically love at that point i think. and showing love to something that hasn't felt it much less desired it because it has no idea what love is before me. and also my idea of love is all fucked up and broken from The Horrors so we get to re-discover even worse forms of love togehter. we would absolutely be the mutual cannibalism lesbians that twitter says they love but we'd freak them outtt.

i love my scary wife 🫀 i want to give it a kiss on that beartrap of a mouth soooooo bad and have it bridal carry me somewhere.

art of me with my wife

small things that remind me of my monsterwaifu

- honestly anything to do with flesh, meat, blood, guts, and gore. it's become an ever-creeping theme in my work solely because of this.

- i more closely associate it with room 50 than 100, and as a result, i've been going to a certain old used bookstore with cramped hallways just because it kind of looks like the library? and it always feels surreal. last time, i kept hearing thumping from the floor above. wonder what that was.

- probably something i should keep between me and god but my family always forgets to throw out stale meat and sometimes i open the fridge to "oh that's expired" meat smell and it DOES also remind me of the figure and now the smell gives me butterflies.

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