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since i've met the love of my life! thank you so much for being there, jelly!

my girlfriend, jelly, means the world to me! we got together because of a tarot reading by my worst enemy online ever, and have been through thick and thin ever since. we're bread and butter, peanut butter and jelly, joycons and joystick drift, the rich and being pieces of shit. i would never give up anything for jelly, and they wouldn't either. my pennultimate dream in the world would to just be able to live comfortably in the same house as them.

if you see this, jelly, i love you so much. per the words i used as a senior yearbook quote, your love brought spring to my endless winter, but i mean it as much as She did. you healed me, you saved me, and for that, i cannot say enough. i'll be the knight, forever, i'll be the follower, and i'll sacrifice everything for you.

2/15/2022 update: it's already been a year?! i still love you so, so much. you've carried me through this year and this world, and i've done the same to you. we are just red threads tied in the true lover's knot. i love you.