Lanky, tall, scarecrow-like posture. No functional arms, or arms at all, but manages without. Mouth twisted in the permament shriek emitted from her. Somehow manages to be neurotic and put together just enough to not be able to hide any of it and still seem like the latter. Very floaty, yet jagged movements.

  • A makeshift secretary for the inner workings of Hotel Nowhere, dresses very well to the stereotype of that position.
  • She and Rush have a friendly rivalty, not by blood, but by every other mannerism. The more violent one, despite appearances.
  • Kept busy in artifical ways and empty-work by everybody, will attempt something disasterious if she has the slightest of time for it.
  • Good at what she does and attempts, maybe a little too good.
  • Will go through every corner of the place checking for trespassers, and takes her sweet time with it to intimidate.
  • Her legs have a bit of "muscle" appearance for a reason -- they're fucking deadly. They're her best weapon.
  • Due to her brash colors and eerie glowing property, was rumored to be a time traveller...until the 80s ran along, in which, she fit in perfectly well with the idea of the 80s.