The Limbo is the focus, a cut-off from the real world that had branched at a time period of around 1910-1929, though some evidence has been found that points to origins of the Limbo dating back to before the Victorian era. Once entering the limbo, no matter which point one had accessed it, they will be placed into a reception room that branches off into a maze of hallways, rooms, and other occurances. While neither are the case, and the cause for both apparent effects are yet to be discovered by tourists of the Limbo, there is often a feeling of random generation or personalization of the layout of the rooms in the Limbo.

Furniture and other aspects of architecture and hotel design are frozen in the era of the Limbo's birth, except for one anomaly -- the wallpaper comes from all decades of the twentieth century, until wallpaper had fallen out of style. There is nothing to stop somebody from bringing in modern day objects, however, and it is reccomended for anybody willing to step into the Limbo on purpose to pack at least a simple pack of items needed for survival.


The Outside is a name used for the "real world" when mentioned in reference to the Limbo. Hotel Nowhere has existed since before the turn of the twentieth century, and after the sudden disappearance of a night worker by the name of , picked itself up from a financial struggle using a playing-into the rumors of haunting and other supernatural occurances on the property.

More information may be found on the tourist-aimed pages in the documentation.


The exact ways for entering the Limbo are unknown, much less the connection between the Outside and the Limbo, but it is sought through the elevators scattered within the property. All of the elevators lead to the same location with no noticable differences. Transportation hinges on random chance, but can be willed if one's attachment to the Limbo is strong enough (a sign of Nobody Phenomenon). A surefire hint of an elevator being set to the Limbo was if the lights flicker for a certain amount of time. However, once Hotel Nowhere staff learnt of this, mechanics were hired to cause the flicker on purpose to disturb anybody who may use the elevators, so this is no longer a trustworthy method. Other signs include feeling as if the elevator is moving in a non-axis direction, or not at all, as well as the temperature dropping at a sudden.


For brevity and simplicity, an entity is defined as any non-human, living thing that exists inside of the Limbo.


An entity is, perhaps rightfully, extremely territorial of the Limbo, and thus the main danger of entering it. All of them exhibit sapience and sentience, in a degree that co-relates to human intelligence and behavior, as well as an unusual symbiosis along themselves. They work alongside, and sometimes, in conjum with each other (ex. Hide and Ambush) for this protection of each other.

If the gateway between the Limbo and the Outside was closed, the entities would simply continue living alongside each other. If they were out for each other as they are for tourists, they would cease to exist all together. Comparable to a found family, even.


The Limbo will always have a few selected rooms that look comparatively the same for each person who enters, as well as the Entities themselves. The reported "static areas" include the reception area, the trapway, a courtyard, a library, and a second elevator, which leads to something indescribable and unencountered.

The reception room appears to keep names and date/time entires of tourist information, but it is unknown as to how this information is obtained, as there is no clocks or calenders in the Limbo's rooms, nor an apparent receptionist. The closest guess to a receptionist is a humanoid shape of a shadow that may be seen for a few seconds by some as they enter, but goes away before the elevator's doors are fully open.

The trapway is the nickname for a series of long, high-ceiling hallways and four-way hallways that Seek is only present within, as well as other set-ups to maim tourists, presumably designed by Seek.



The Light is a supernatural entity that cannot be classified as an Entity due to technicalities involving it, including that it might not even exist as anything other than a tourist's perception disturbances. The Light aids tourists, highlighting things of importance, as well as occasionally appearing to bring slight light to an outtage room.


The longer a tourist spends in the Limbo, the longer the chances are of a case of Nobody Phenomenon. Possibly a case of shared hysterias, it is signified by a strong fixation on the Limbo, the entities within, as well as a loss of personal identity, episodes of depersonalization and derealization, and a high interest to returning to the Limbo, which is usually acted upon eventually. Nobody Phenomenon can be dangerous, both for the effect it has on the mind, and the innate state of being in Limbo only adding onto the need to stay.

Once it gets to the point of a return to the Limbo, a tourist's inevitable disappearance from the Outside can be chocked up to Nobody Phenomenon.