Made of a thick smog. Smog becomes thinner and smells less like heavy gasoline when formed into either a vague, masculine face or numerous small claws, with one larger pair at the front. Despite resemblence to spirits, its large form functions as an opaque solid, and tends to knock over decor on top of surfaces or knock out the bulbs on the ceiling. Loud, rash, bold, and barbarian-like.

  • Head-strong, only half-knows it. Acts first and questions later.
  • It and Ambush have a friendly rivalty, not by blood, but by every other mannerism. Sometimes serves as a scarf for the smaller one.
  • Despite everything else that says otherwise, very buddy-buddy with others. Reception on its "passionate" personality varies along the other entities. A bit too much?
  • Can usually be found around broken electrical parts when not on the prowl for trespassers.
  • Only warning is the pure amount of sound it makes while going through rooms, as well as the afforementioned smell of gasoline.
  • Doesn't bother to go through the entire room, but takes up the majority of it, so it won't matter. Easily caught up in the thrill.
  • Tourists are body-slammed, and die from the struggle of the resulting injuries, which are...numerous.