annie bell

favorite memory -

despite the fact that we never liked each other, whenever anton called up and needed me for some hard labor shit. get hit with a 2x4 slab of woodplank, idiot.

source - antonball deluxe + antonblast

discovered - middle 2022

when you're posting those "haha sit anywhere you'd like ^^" webcore memes with all of the clothes and dirty dishes on the floor, you're vagueposting me, and i'm vagueposting you back right now. i lived like shit, still do. and you know it's a kinshift when the shift makes you spend 150usd on a kickstarter for a platformer indie. good heavens, look at the anton plush. but this isn't about anton, this is about me. this is about the second banana. this is about annie motherfucking bell.

i don't have a lot of memories or anything from this kintype (YET) (FINGERS CROSSED), but what i do have is about what you'd expect. laying around, facts upon facts of media i fixated on that do not exist anymore, being dragged around, my own mayham, and more. but am i where i am because i wanted to be, or because i was dragged along? an invisible plot line commanding every move? who knows.