dark choco

favorite memory -

sometimes i would get a whim of how a certain cookie i saved was trying to become me, and both feel very worried, and very warmed.

source - cookie run

discovered - middle 2021

they call me guts' second cousin's dog's finger painting masterpiece. oh, by the way, throw away anything they said about me in kingdom, despite how expansive and fitting it may be. none of that applies to me me. who the fuck is that guy?

in other words, my comically evil backstory prior to joining a gang of comically evil not-friends-at-all was finding a sword and proceeding to listen to the audiotorial hallucinations it gave me to destroy an entire nation-state i inherited. most of my memories are just really bloody battles i was in involving that, including the Kicking My Own Ass Memory, which is what i nickname a certain two memories i have of the same events, but for different selves.

also licorice throws books at me to get my attention, first on impulse, and now it's just his thing. fuck OFFFFFF i'm moping like a sigma.