lobster cookie

favorite memory -

either having been brought to the city of sugarteara for the first time (it was very shiny and harsh on the eyes at first), or that time i was invited to a high-up party and got to dance with mocha ray cookie for a bit.

source - cookie run

discovered - mid 2020

if i had to choose a "most prominent" kintype, this would be it. no contest. i am lobster cookie in the most literal sense of the words. despite having shed any aesthetical referencing, the reason my site is named sugarteara is because of the city i lived in -- sugarteara. the city i miss so, so dearly. sugarteara is embedded like a piercing into every bit of identity for me. the city has truly become part of me, as i had been a part of it.

when i had initially awakened as lobster cookie, i had brought upon myself a deep grief for the fate of my city for a months-long period. thankfully, i am not stuck in it anymore, but it is still something that floats around occasionally. i'm doing a lot better now about it. perhaps this website in itself is the new sugarteara that i could've sowed with mocha ray cookie...?

i also chronicle my timeline of countless memories on this website themself in the form of carapace, a long-term writing project. you can read that here!