favorite memory -

at one point, i did have somebody. an equally as isolated backstabber offered me a cigar. it was only one night we knew each other, and i have no idea what happened to them, but that is the closest i have felt to someone being "fond" of me.

source - toontown: corporate clash

discovered - early 2023

also known as misty monsoon, usually followed by a "oh, poor you!'.

there is something missing from me that the other suits seem to have that thrashes any chance of workplace success into a deep puddle. or was it something added to the circuitry? again with the isolation. it's a theme across these kintypes -- isolation, yet longing for something that isn't.

a longing for something i honestly have only visited once in the real-person and in the flesh -- the cityscapes, smog and smoke, business. in addition, when i am in a misty kinshift, i wea around this little lawbot pin on my shirt's center, and it makes me feel whole again. and that's nice enough.