favorite memory -

everything tends to blend together into monotonious negatives, buuuuuuuut being treated like a friend for once and offered somebody's alcoholic drink from rush. thanks?

source - doors (roblox)

discovered - end 2022

funniest source of all time, isn't it. roblox game. really funny. roblox horror game, even better. fucking hilarious.

so yeah, my entire existance seems to be an enigma to most, but it wouldn't be if i had a proper time to introduce myself, which i don't because you're imploring on my home and territory and i really want you to get out at all and any cost. it gets tiring after so long of that, but it's self-defense at this point. i was on...ok standings with the rest of the entities. maybe closer to some, farther to others, but i always ended up that "middle ground", and a few times, the messenger of conflict. this soul is stained, not dyed. it was not always as black as the sludge i'm made of.

in a way, i sort of long to go back, despite knowing it would drive me even more mad from the revalations. the darkness is comforting, the forever rain, the monsters that i was one of, too. a morbid comfort in what i am -- a creature, a beast, some entity that remains alien to human eye.