otherkin? in MY website?

it's an open, large, and in charge part of my identity, of course it'd be in the website! cringe culture is fucking dead, any attempts to laugh at me will be shrugged off with a don't care + having fun + playing.

i'm alterhuman in the sense of having both a spiritual property to it, a psychological property, some pasta thrown in for flavor...it's all kind of a "secret third thing" to me, because i don't fit entirely in either most popular box. i'm also rejectant of the tiktok-ier definition of it just being when you relate to a character...it's fine if you do that, but that's not how i do it.

i like delving deeper into who i am, and taking the parts that i had loved the most of myself to form my life today. i'll buy clothes that fitted me, i'll adopt mannerisms and phrases of speech, i'll eat the same foods for a while after discovering a new kintype. it's very theurapetic to be who you are, and this is who i am! click on the mes to know more about...me!

sometimes i contribute to the alterhuman community as a whole, and it'd be a great help if you also viewed the alterhuman webring i run and the from fictionfolk zine i did art for.


rainmaker seek lobster cookie
stenographer annie bell edgar
chainsaw consultant uncertified dummy banhammer


machinekin angelkin lobsterkin


sophie walten h.n. elly koishi komeiji
willy wonka monoko buddy armstrong
utane uta mima kirigoe kuuno de ruyter
isaac omgkawaiiangel megumi saitou

note 1: "kinning outside of experience" is a tumblr-originated myth used to harass. stop.

note 2: a synpath is like "kinning for fun", but for people who are already kin.