favorite memory -

source - toontown: corporate clash

discovered - ??? 2023

i think starting to kinsider something a week into playing and only figuring it out once you're on the screen for your personal first time against a boss is really funny actually, like, wow it sure did take me Several Months for it to hit.

anyways, lots of complicated feelings with the scattered memory of this life. if i could put it into words, that is. also very funny that the living stenography keyboard is really bad at describing what it remembers. just know that i still yearn for those who i worked with and below, maybe a little too much. maybe even for those who distrusted me the most!

also refer to left image. ok i'll probably elaborate on this...sometime later?

ALSO some really funny incidents i'd like to mention here that just might be me being schizophrenic but. im pretty sure i predicted the one TOONO comic in a dream which i didn't realize was a memory until said comic came out. im also sure that that one smirky stream with the dreamhack giveaway where he did an oclo, got stenocase, and then the giveaway winners for the dave magnet both had me and my friend who's kin with case manager as part of said all adds up. sort of.