favorite memory -

places where i've fallen asleep that i liked a lot include kris' mom's couch and in a bush somewhere.

source - deltarune

discovered - end 2019

to everybody who theorizes that my home life was terrible and that i'm a little woobie because of that, you're in luck. absentee parents, self-entertainment, renting violent videogames like the bully stereotype is, already having people afraid of you because of a misguided kick of a ball, and you end up with me and my gaggle of freaks who both didn't and did respect me, because freaks stick together and all of that.

i think being susie is very ironic for me personally, and i don't have the words as to why other than "if you know me close, you'd know it's kinda funny". i don't have a lot of memories of this life, either, which makes writing this very hard, but just know that i'm susie, and that name should strike fear into your heart or something.