purple yam

favorite memory -

the nights spent on the temporary camps i'd set up with the rest of milk's guild. four of us were all really fucking cool actually, in our own stupid ways and all of that.

source - cookie run

discovered - end 2020

ok so first of all my name was ube cookie but??? yeah i guess purple yam cookie works too, thanks devsisters very cool

i was a man with two best friends in life, myself and my mace. that mace was covered in chips and scratches, covered in blood, dried or otherwise, but it was my best friend from the very start and since the witch slid that sharp fork over the burning body i was given life to. that mace was my only friend for quite the while, until that unlikely encounter i had where i was forced for the first time to fight alongside somebody.

time was mostly spent away from the familiar after that, but on those few calm nights the guild could spend at our homebase, i'd always go out alone to a pond around and to a direction and just break sticks there in the dead of night. days after that always felt a bit better with the rages of heats. but at that point, was i doing that to fix myself, or to just seem fixed and tolerable to others? issues, issues...