neoneighbors and neofriends
my beloved and lovely 3dgf, jelly! i've been with fey for a year and three quarters, and i wouldn't trade fem for anything else.
the only person i still talk to from high school, chexter, who has shown me way, way too many cool indie games.
diversity win! rainmaker ttcc and nepeta homestuck can be internet friends. the coolest coding catgirl in need of some clozapine anyone could ask for.
peer over your cubicle and you'll find beau hard at work drawing some old guys. we're just two cogs working together o7
my "i love hot moms" hoodie is like fishbait to milfs, and the catch of the day is serena. very nice and lovely, as all milfs tend to be.
i'm very lucky to be blessed by lucky's presense in my life! being friends with them has taught me to shine bright, no matter how different the light is from the rest.

here are some of my other favorite sites in the network and the niche!

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