The most active personality quiz site right now.

The original desktop destroyer, up for download again.

big rat

crouton net

Generate an old-school error message.

Weird Al Male Pregnancy schizo-site.

How long can you last with a spinning Bullsquid?

Mostly Undertale stuff, but a few other goodies there too.

Search the archives of 4Chan boards without having to find other archivers.

A vast archive of assorted Showbiz Pizza and Chuck E Cheese's content.

An encyclopedia of so, so many languages.

Check how fast you can press a keyboard button.

Organize your favorite albums into a silly square.

A revived version of /g/'s good sites.

Hot Allostatic Load, an essay on long-term trauma in what should've been safe.

A guide for self-care and minimizing psychosis symptoms at home.

Essay on the comodification of small geeky communities. Did I mention fuck normalfags yet?

The Reincarnation Case of Ma Tin Aung Myo.

Unintrisuvie recipes site.

Read and write letters sent to nobody.


A Tumblr blog of home pictures. Very...feeling-something.

Helen Keller Simulator.