An essay on Neocities and a lack of variety/creativity on the platform I liked.

Another small-web essay.

A site for small, textured, and tileable backgrounds.

A more modern tileable background site.

And another one!

Classic gifcities. You know the drill.

A game to learn flexboxes, and one for grids.

Because sometimes, carrds have good web resources.

Word art, but awesome.

Generate your webfont stuff here.

Websites that suck from all regions of the globe.

THE Mother-Fucking Website of All-Damn-Time.

That one really popular Tumblr post about why (You) should make a site.

Make your own blinkies here with some premade templates.

Really large database of glittery gifs from 2000s Myspacey days.

A rhombile tile generator that can be used as the background for elements with CSS.

CSS Grid generator for side layouts.

A journal published about how the web has changed for the worse for the average geek.