DJ TECHNORCH (powerword: yutaka yamashita) is a popular figure in j-hardcore spaces and perhaps the beatmania community, but not very well known outside of it. hopefully it stays that way and his music does not go down the sewerslvt machine girl tiktok alt girl path?

he's well-known for his contributions with music to the beatmania games in general, but i personally know him more for his solo albums, which there are a lot of. his music stems from hardcore and old-school rave, using many classic samples from the scene, as well as breakcore and industrial techno.

i origianlly found his music while looking through some UKSRT charts, actually. in UKSRT8, get f**cked, which is a four-song hell of notes and noise and visual distraction, the last song is love love love you i love you, which was a great introduction to what remains my favorite album from him. i quickly indulged, jumping from youtube track with rainbow searing visualizer background and dancing anime girl, and got hooked, and here i am, with his music being number one on my spotify wrapped.

fucking help me.

and speaking of that anime girl! that ryona-remiscent girl in the corner of this page! that is sagalevich, and she serves as a mascot to the dj technorch brand, appearing in merchandise and some album covers. from what little information i can gather on her, genki girl masochist to the max. and very very cute. except when she has the snails on her. the "covered in snails and slime" album cover was supposed to be a barely-censor of another cover that's just pure guro.

but yeah, if you're looking to dip into a greater puddle of pure electronic, and want to stick to the weebshit route, go with dj technorch. never failed me, it'll never fail you.

or at least watch the BOSS ON PARADE mv, because it is abnormality gold.