before anybody calls me one of those schizopilled laincels or whatever the fuck i have known about machine girl before you did and also get more pussy than you. anyways!

machine girl is an electronic hardcore punk ??? duo, led by matt stephenson and sean kelly, and smashes together around 5-8 other genres of electronic music combined with themes of political revolution, anger and rage, and sprinkles in some awesome album art with cool greens, and what do you know? it's machine girl.

granted i could make this entire page about my favorite machine girl album, and actually, that's what i'm doing. enter ...BECAUSE I'M YOUNG ARROGANT AND HATE EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR

which you can listen to here because youtube reuploaders are awesome and i need to suck their dicks.

this was the first machine girl album to include any form of lyrics, which it styles wonderfully with what would continue to be a theme of machine girl of anger at the system and those above who push you down. in addition, it went from the first other two album's more mellow styles of electronic to a digital hardcore one. this album fucks severely. i cannot praise it enough. every single song is a masterpiece. not one of them is somehow worse than the rest. this album is the reason why my spotify wrapped singlehandedly sucks every year. if you only listen to the palmtree panic sample part of uzumaki i want you dead.

my favorite song of machine girl's also comes from this album -- mchngrl vs wlfgrl. rising against yourself. well, what you might think is yourself! or who you want to be. or the person you are, that pathetic twat. it's the fucking ever. it's my favorite song EVER. and i listen to too much music -- 50k+ minutes on that 2022 wrapped. not counting youtube. not counting soundcloud. maladaptive daydreamer behavior.


WLFGRL - krystal, hidden power, ginger claps (first song i ever listened to from them)

REPOIRPUSED FANTASIES - greaze, infinite potentiality

U-VOID SYNTHIZIER - kill all borders, batsu forever

MISC - dead on the scene, status

should you listen to machine girl? YES YES you should if you care even slightly about electronic music or punk scene or music that makes you want to throw chairs at each others heads while on datura. please listen to machine girl