needy girl overdose is a princess raiser and visual novel released in january 2022 after about a year of delay in which you help a mentally ill e-girl reach her streamer goal of a million subscribers. i first heard about it on /v/, and was instantly hooked, playing one ending before writing this review which was basically my first impressions of the game as a whole. i watched the rest of the endings on youtube because god could you fucking imagine. the game is great, heavy, and a masterpiece of commentary on two broad subjects -- the internet fame industry, and the fixabiltiy of the mentally ill.

you can guide your lovely internet angel towards many things -- fame, true fame, fame and then being abandoned, a mental breakdown, a cult, a streaming ban, and normiehood. it's a management game. oh, and you can also take her to therapy. isn't really a big part (just another place to go out to), but it is funny in the schemes. you can also watch her visit what is basically fictional /vt/. all paired to a wonderful soundtrack that truly sets the mood with random screaming.

i also really like this game because, admittedly, i see myself in ame-chan/kangel. i would like to also state that i am not above her in any way, shape, or form. that would just be weird. and no, i cannot be fixed, but i can be loved the way i am -- i am ill, but i am still a bright fountain of color despite illness.

i would also like to mention that the /v/ and then /vg/ threads for needy girl overdose were a fucking disaster. it basically turned into a blogposting of searching for the mentally ill women that needy girl overdose explicity states as a bad thing to chase, they tried to make a discord server. it went exactly how you'd expect it to go. i still lurk the generals, for as however long as they exist, but only for fanart...otherwise, i'd rather blogposters and men looking for manic pixies burn and die.

i would reccomend for anybody tired of the modern web, critical of vtubers, or in any other way related to the field this game touches with a razor to at least try it out once. you cannot fix her, but that's part of the fun.

buy it here. trust me. it is good.