I asked around a group chat when I was planning the Noobzone about what articles I should write. I got this answer from Mania (site linked in image, go check his shit out).

So, now we're going to talk about divs. Everybody says to use divs, because they're, well, the building blocks of your site. I'm pretty sure it stands for divider. Basically, it's a box for your content.

This box, for example, has a background image stating that it is, indeed, a div, fact-checked by myself, and with a border around it. This is just the basics when it comes to how you can customize a div. You can place a div on a specific part of the page. You can make it different colors on the inside, and even different images. You can fill it with text, images, tables, lists, javascript probably, and more. You can add a border, and borders have many things you can do with themselves.

You do all of this with CSS, preferably writing a class or id for the div, and then applying it to the div. Without CSS to tell a div what to look like, a div will just be a blank container for HTML content.

Again, a div is literally just a box to throw things at and inside. However, it is also the foundation of most websites, because of how versatile this box is.

For example, look at this fucking ugly thing. This is also a div, and one that has been customized in colors, positioning, borders, and size. It is now...a vertical box in the center of the page! You can center it with margin:auto;, as with most other elements. There's a lot of really cool div borders too, this one is the groove. You can even make an image your border! I'm not good at that. Looks cool when it's done well, though.

So yeah, that's the end of the lesson. A div is just a box that is only able to be so useful because of CSS. Not a rocket-science lesson, but I hope this helps somebody, MANIAAAA.