welcome to...

this will be a landing for tutorials on how to not only use neocities, but use neocities well. it will have specific coding tutorials, as well as just general advice for new programmers, website designers, and the like. after finding out from somebody else that i had somehow landed on the front page of neocities' most followed, i made two decisions -- to keep my ego in check, and to give back to a webhost that has held my heart like a baby bird for so long. this is my thank-you to everybody who's supported my through my web travels -- a favor of sorts, some guidance from dearest nephro. with that being said, as all of my writing pages, the devil hides in the details, so don't fret and explore around a bit!

this page is also themed after the color pallete of the common "noob" avatars on roblox. autism be autism, and the colors look pretty good together on here. anyways, check out that sidebar out there for the actual meat.


neocities' tutorials page